Friday, February 23, 2007

Dont Judge Vista Before You Know It

PC World conducted the tests on vista's performance while using different hardware and applications. In their first test they have discovered that while vista's hardware requirements are steep, it should run just fine even with aero active on machine which has the minimum requirements specified by Microsoft(1GB RAM, DirectX 9c compatible graphic card with atleast 128MB of dedicated memory).

There main findings:
  • Vista is generally slower than XP, but it's better at multi-tasking on dual core PCs.
  • Your PC should have 1GB of RAM at minimum.
  • Aero won't slow you down if you use a discrete graphic processor and enough memory.
  • Apps run slower on 64 bit version but using higher RAM will close the gap.
Here are the test results.

Notice the difference in the performance of Vista with Dual core.

Using 2GB might help some applications but not a big deal.

As the reports states, apps runs faster in 32-Bit windows Vista

spend few bucks and enjoy the vista bliss !

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