Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hide your secret file in a image

This is by far the best way to hide your data in a image. This trick works in Windows 2000/xp. Follow the step by step tutorial.

  • You need two images and one file(which you want to bind with the image). Place them all in one folder.
  • Add the files you want to hide into a new winrar archive. (eg: I want to hide sordid.txt)
  • Open the command prompt (start-> run-> cmd). Change the directory to where the files are located (two images and one file).
  • In command prompt type
     copy /b imagetobeshowed.jpg + sordid.rar imagetobebinded.jpg
    *imagetobeshowed is the image which is shown, *sordid.rar contains the text to hide and *imagetobebinded is the image which is binded with the text. You can change the names. look at the image for further clarification.

  • Now test the imagetobeshowed.jpg by double clicking it, and verifying it still opens.
  • Now again open the same image with winrar. Riteclk->openwith->winrar. It will show the hidden file.
Simple encryption and decryption technique.

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