Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to use Peer to Peer softwares for downloading?

This is a frequent question asked by my fellow bloggers and friends. Though its easy but tricky at times. It is advisible to know about the Peer2Peer network and its consequences. I do not want to go in detail about the softwares coz you will get many peer to peer softwares if you google. I use Ares software for downloading movies and mp3's. Let us see the working of ares and the same applies to almost any p2p software.

--Download the software and install it. It is readily and freely available on web.

It is advisible to work on the software while reading the tutorial. --Run the software and ensure that the status is "Online" as you can see in the image. If the status is never online after a long wait then its the problem of your firewall.

--Now after your online go to Control Panel tab its last one of the seven tabs. Make some small changes according to your requirements. Under control panel you have 8 tabs. General, Transfer, Chat etc etc.. Select the transfer tab and change the folder(if req). Ensure that the folder you have selected has enough space. Because whatever you download will go to that folder. And the same folder is shared with other peers. So ensure that the folder contains no personal data.

--Now go to Search tab and Enter what ever you want like movies. You will get many results depending on the popularity of the search. For eg: I searched for Backstreet and I got thousand's of results. There you have to download the one which has got more stars(many users have that file). Double click on that to download. You can see all the downloads of yours in Transfer tab.

You can pause and resume or preview the movies whenever you want.

[Note1: Preview the movies with the help of vlc player or divx]

[Note2: Read the comments before downloading because there may be fake movies]

These are some of the basic things to be known for downloading. You will slowely master the art of using P2P by working on it. For any other queries do not hesitate to comment.

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  1. thanks for giving me details about ares.
    u r doing g8 work