Friday, December 26, 2008

Free PHP/MYSQL web hosting

PHP/Mysql still prevails to be one of the best technologies for the web development and other web-related projects, mainly because it is an open-source so obviously cost effective and web development using php is so simple, thanks to cake-php. Back to the topic, if you are planning to start a website or blog or a forum and you wanted to start it with 0% investment. Then here is the best solution for you. 0Fees is offering a very good Free webhosting solution for starters with PHP and Mysql support. It provides us with 300MB diskspace and 10G bandwidth, which I think should be more than enough.

Here are some of the important features:
  • 300 MB disk space
  • 10 GB Monthly transfer
  • PHP with MySQL databases
  • 5 Add-on domains
  • 5 Sub domains
All you need to do is just register for free from here. You will also get a free domain with extension, otherwise it would be Once registered you will be provided with a pdf document which has all your login details (username, passoword, mysqlhost name etc..), not to worry much as you get these details in ur mail aswell.

How to install a script using an automatic script installer( Fantastico type installer)

Lets see how to install a script say wordpress( a famous blogging software). I will show you step by step procedure to install this blogging software. It is very essential if you are a blogging freak like me.

Step1: Login to 0fees from here with the username and password provided to you.

Step2: Now click on the Fantastico type installer which will be on the opening page(show in the image).

Step3: Choose your domain for installation and proceed.

Step4: Now choose the script which you wanna install, in our case it is WordPress 2.7 and click on Click to Install url.

Step5: Here we have to specify the destination, where we want to install our script. Default is root i.e our blog will open directly form with / to install to the root). If you are giving some name there for eg: /blog, then your blog will be opened from It all depends on how you choose your destination.

Step6: It is almost done, we have installed the script in our server /. Now we have to setup our blog. For that open your site url in the browser. You will get to see the page requesting to create a configuration file for our blog. (See in the image) Click on Create a Configration File.

Step7: You will need to know
  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host
  5. Table prefix (if you want to run more than one WordPress in a single database).
You will be having all the above things in your mail or the pdf document which is provided to you at the start.

For Database name I would suggest you to create a database with some name. If you don't know how to create then here are the quick steps, From home page click on Databases -> mysql database -> Give database name and Create database. I will be something like this fees0_2527122_blog [username_databasename]. Now back to the configuration, as we have everything else Let's Go!.

Step8: Fill all the fields. Remember Database Hostname is not localhost it is Mysql Host name. You can find all this information in the left bar of main page. Leave the last field as it is.

Step9: If all the fields are given appropriately it will let us to proceed further.

Step10: Give your blogtitle and email. That's it!! Our installation is completed it will provide us with the user-name and password, these are the login details of your blog.

Here is an example of my blog. . The best part is, you can do tons of things for FREE!!.

I hope you like the tutorial.


  1. 0fees has a kool service and a good news is that it is improving ... it supports curl ... ssl ... and has greater uptime than before ... nice tutorial btw :)

  2. Hi nice to meet you, your profile reminds me of my college days at Nizam college.i still missed all those friendly Telugu people.i really like hyd/secbad..espicially Beef Biryani.btw one should try ;-)

  3. @tc

    Thanks TC..I am pleased to hear that. I too enjoy Chicken Biryani particularly from Hyderabad house...n I am graduated from MJ college.

  4. Hey buddy I have a domain in square brothers account .. how can I point it to ? What is the nameservers of 0fees ?

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