Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unlimited Broadband at best prices in Hyderabad

Internet today has become very competitive in our country after launch of BSNL 3G. I have tried almost all ISP's in Hyderabad right from local net, Youtelecom to BSNL EVDO. Of them all Beam Tele which was called as Beam cable before offers high speed internet at a very good price. I have been using it for almost 6 years for

my desktop, they service is a bit lethargic but speeds are good at very affordable price.

Here are their unlimited plans:
  • 786 Kbps  600 Rs/Month (or) 3300 Rs/Half Year (or) 6000 Rs/Year
  • 1 Mbps     850 Rs/Month (or) 4675 Rs/Half Year (or) 8500 Rs/Year
  • 2 Mbps     1000 Rs/Month (or) 5500 Rs/Half Year (or) 10000 Rs/Year
Call them to find more info: 040-66272727

Leave your feedback if you are already using it.

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