Sunday, January 21, 2007

Add-ons for bloggers

Blogging with firefox is damn easy, the reason is simple!. There are many eminent add-ons for blogging in firefox. I have installed yesterday and just wanna share them. They should make blogging facile and effortless.

Navigate through the following links:

  • Highlight

    • Highlight lets you grab anything on the web you think is news. One click gets your story started, and connects......readmor
  • Smiley Xtra

    • Insert smilies from an online database into forum posts, blogs and more! .... readmore
  • PictureThis

    • Pull up pictures of any word or words you highlight on a

      webpage.... readmore
  • Adsense Notifier

    • Displays your Adsense earnings on the statusbar.... readmore
  • El Jay Icon Maker

    • El Jay icon maker allows you to right click on any image and create an icon for use with There are two...... readmore
  • CLICK! by

    • Take a snapshot of any web page. Powered by

      The dynamic nature of the web is one of its greatest strengths, but it can be frustrating when you link to a web page only to have it change on you.... readmore
  • Farkode

    • Farkode provides a right-click menu in Firefox to simplify adding HTML (image tags, hyperlinks, font fomatting, etc.) to comments on the and websites.... readmore
  • Live Writerfox

    • Blog it from Windows Live Writer.
      Windows Live Writer is a new desktop application for composing blog posts to your blog service.
      It blogs a page or selected text to Windows Live Writer.
      To use it you need to have Windows Live Writer installed on your machine.

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