Sunday, March 25, 2007

BUG in Maryo

Secret Maryo Chronicles(SMC) a new game where some of the enemies are directly taken from Super Mario World. SMC is a bit different from Super Mario. Here we can load and save the game at any point, provided we should have 3000 points minimum to save the game. Hero here is young and dynamic!. Those who don't have this game can be freely downloaded at official SMC Website and discover many things that weren't present in Super Mario. Music Add-on is also available to make this game more fun. For all those who are eager to know the code of the game, they can get the (C++) code of this game here.

While I was hitting hard and banging all the enemies, Just came across a small bug, can also be used as a trick. Observe the image and make yourself clear. Start collecting all the coins, kill the devils and at one point save the game. Now again load the game i.e at the point where you have saved the game previously. Surprisingly you will see all the coins you have collected and all the devils that were killed previously reappeared!.

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Interestingly you can use this for your own good, for example you have collected 50 coins and saved the game, later load the game go back and collect the 50 coins again and kill the devils which will reappear. Thus one extra life and extra points. Levels are very different, tough and exciting. enjoy the game!

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