Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tips To Avoid Virus Attacks

Computers are always prone to virus attacks through many ways like when we insert USB which is virus infected or by clicking anonymous pop-ups/links..the list goes on. And there are many anti-virus software's available in the market to prevent these virus attacks, I would like to share some of my views on how to prevent virus attacks and important tips that one must remember on how to tackle virus infected systems.

How to prevent attacks?

Always remember prevention is better than cure. Following are the points to remember:
  1. Install a complete/stable version of Antivirus software, I would suggest Norton Internet Security. Remember to do atleast weekly maintance of your antivirus by updating the signatures and scanning your system.
  2. Never click on any pop-ups/ads and any links that are sent to you by anonymous people.
  3. Most Importantly never click on the spam mails..don't get excited when you see mails like
    "YOU HAVE GOT 100000$ claim it" lol..nobody will give you money for free, instead you will get virus for free. So add them to your spam list of your email to prevent it completely.
  4. If you are using Windows Operating system, keep the default Firewall always ON or install 3'rd party firewall to prevent intrusions.
  5. Don't try to download/install keygens/cracks. Most of the anti virus software's quarantine them whenever they are caught.
  6. Last but not least never forget to scan the USB or any external device when connected to your system, the hidden viruses of USB like amvo.exe etc hide in the background and attack your system when opened/double clicked.

How to remove them?
  1. Always backup your important files into DVD's or External HDD's. As long as you don't have any important data in your are safe and can wage a direct attack on viruses :p.
  2. Download autoruns, procexp and other very important tools from sysinternals and keep track of your startup programs and processes that are running. If you find anything suspicious immediately kill that process and remove autorun of that process(shown in the image).
  3. Now disable windows restore and scan the system completely. If you don't find anything then try to find them by some simple windows commands, ill discuss them in the following sections.

Important Windows Commands/Tools
  • To see hidden files goto command prompt and
attrib -a
If you find anything interesting delete it.
  • Download this Kill-amvo.exe a powerfull small program written in VB to kill USB viruses like amvo.exe.
  • As I mentioned earlier download some very essential tools to keep track of the processes from
Follow these simple yet powerful steps to keep viruses at bay.

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